Day One: That Same Night

Soon I got a called from someone you were with, saying you were caught for the same reason that you said you wouldn’t touch. As the truth dawns upon me, I realised my foolishness for believing in you.

I tried not to care. I tried not to think, but he was too paranoid when he came back down to the store. As my first few tears drop, I realised I was crying because of you. I broke my code never to cry because of a man, all for you.

I couldn’t think, I couldn’t breath. I went back to my work, but all I could think of was you. I drank without thinking, and I laughed at everything I saw. But they saw the pain inside me. I cried everytime you crossed my mind that night. I laid down everywhere and closed my eyes, shut my mind and heart for that very night.

Someone said I was stronger that this, but everything fell through for me that night. If I didn’t drink at work this night, I didn’t know how else would I have lasted throughout the night. For once, I was glad I was drunk. But still, I could remember your very lies.

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