Day Two: The Arguments

I couldn’t sleep even when I was drunk the night before. All I think about was you. Pictured your face, your thoughts in my mind, wondering about the truth. Who’s lying, who wasn’t. I didn’t know where you are. None of this was sure to me

But one thing that I’m sure of, I cannot be alone. I didn’t want to be alone. Met the only one person I could trust now, yet all I wanted to see was you. The moment I’m alone, tears start swelling in my eyes.

My colleagues were nice to me, but it still didn’t seem enough, because you actually meant something to me. Cigarettes were my new best friends now. The boys outside gave me encouragement, even when they didn’t know the truth. I couldn’t think straight, but tonight the tears fell lesser.

So tonight, I lost my boyfriend and a brother. The brother that left my boyfriend in the gutters alone. The brother that put my boyfriend in jail. I couldn’t forgive him for that, for that cowardliness that lies within him.

Nobody could believe the story we heard him told. Too much loopholes were there. We argued over who to trust. Everyone asked me to wait for you, to hear your side of the story. One told me to end this, between me and you. I wanted to, but I said I’ll wait for you. I wanted to know the truth. I deserve to know the truth.

One guy asked for my number, but all I could think of was you. It was a challenge, to see where my loyalty lies. Even as he waited for me to end work, sat and talked with each other, I realised my loyalty lies with you, just like you said few days ago, “Your heart belongs to me.” As much as I didn’t want to admit it, it’s true, my heart does belong to you.

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