Day Three: The Message

This morning you sent me a message.
“B, I love you still. Wait for me. Datang visit I ngan mama papa please I love you.”
It may not be much that you ask for, but at that point of time it was too much for me to take. Honestly, I was scared to see your parents. I was your girlfriend but I couldn’t change you before it’s too late.
I wanted to make you suffer, let you feel how’s life like without me now.
I didn’t want to see you, because you chose. You choose drugs over me. You were betting that I wouldn’t leave you even if you took it again. So today I got angry, and the tears fell lesser.

Today I got lectured by someone because I failed to listen to him. He warned me about you before, and that I should have listened to him to prevent all this hurt and grieves. There were so many people who didn’t believe in us. Yet I chose to.
One of the boys outside made his confessions this night. He told me he likes me, which got me thinking, what if one day, I fall through? It’s been two nights I didn’t see you at all and both nights these sort of stuff happens.

How long would I want to wait for you? But it’s not fair isn’t it? That you’re the one who left me but if I leave, people will say it’s the other way around. But for now, I can strongly say, I love you still, and still am waiting for you.

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