Day Four: The Phonecall

Today I learnt how to cope without you. I still couldn’t sleep in the mornings, even though we weren’t on the phone all morning anymore.
My colleagues and I discussed about you in the morning, all the possibilities of what could have happened to you.
I could trust no one now. The tears didn’t fall today. But I promise, that if all these happened wasn’t by mistake, I’ll do whatever it takes to fight for you. Not that I chose to believe you, but I will never accept it if you went in for nothing.
Every phonecall I received today was all about you. Some people say I got too attached to you, that I’ve changed. Thus so I’m going to change back myself, with or without you.
Mama called. She went to the store for my number. See what others are trying to do for you? All because of you. I felt ashamed that I couldn’t tell her that I knew the person that left you there alone.
Mama said we couldn’t visit you. Wait for another week or two, till the letter arrives. Be patient shuk. We’ll get to the bottom of this.
I’ve changed my status to “in an open relationship with someone we know”. But you know it’s not true.
Till then, will love you still.

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