Day Six: The Song

This day, I was bent on breaking up with you. But then comes the song, and today the tears fell again.
“Every single promise I”ll keep, cause what kind of girl would I be if I was to leave when you need me the most”.
I remembered my promise to you: “I’ll never break up with you cause I love you”.
You taught me to appreciate the love and concern given to me, and yes I’ve never fail to appreciate what you and my colleagues have done for me.
My words meant a lot at that time yet yours were mere lies.
This night, the tears fall, because people were trying so hard to make me forget you, that you meant nothing to me. That you will never change, not for me, not for yourself.
I miss you. I’ve never miss anyone so much. You were my last try, and you screwed it up.
But I’m still grateful to you today, because you have made every memory the sweetest, enough to last me a lifetime.
Till the day I forget my heartaches, I will love you still.

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