Day Eight: The Replacement

This day, I’ve learnt to live life without you. I still miss you, but I’ve finally starting to be back to my normal self. The tears didn’t fall tonight.
I sat with the boys outside, talked with them, smoked with them, text with them.
Soon after, your friend came along. He asked me out to sit with the rest of your friends outside. It just seems like I’m either your replacement, or that they feel obliged to take care of me as your girlfriend.
Somehow I knew it, that even if I were to declare that I’m no longer attached to you, I’m still known as shuk’s girlfriend to them, because we have never officially broken up.
But since all these happened, I’ve learnt to open up myself more day by day. But I’m not sure whether I’m distracting myself away from you or just going back to be the person I once be before I knew you; the heartless girl who never knew what love and heartache feels like. The girl who disposes her guys who never actually mean anything to her easily without caring their feelings.
Throughout the night, I talked on the phone with a friend, and it dawns on me that I’m actually going to be alright.
It’s not a new beginning for me, but today I’m finally starting to pick myself up.
But P.S: will love you still

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