Day Nine: The Forgotten

This day, I got so caught up with work stuff, my mind too distracted that I couldn’t think about you. You were just a flashing memory to me now.
I didn’t cry, no one said a word about you, and I find comfort in that.
I was busy, but I was at peace.
I would be lying if I said that I no longer needed you. Truth is, I needed you more than ever. But you are not here shuk, and I want you to. But I can’t be selfish, can I? I can’t be as selfish as you were to me.
But tonight, I wonder how you were and whether you have ever cried for me in there. Cried like I did the very first night.
Still, I’m good now, even without you around.
Make every moment the sweetest, so that if one day, it doesn’t last at least you have enough memories to last you a lifetime.”

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