Day Eleven: The Dream

On this day, I had no mood at all. No mood to work, no mood to joke, not in the mood to be myself. I worked the afternoon shift, luckily I guess. Because who would I think of if I wasn’t busy?
Yes, I admit, the tears fell a little in the afternoon, because I miss you so.
I’m tired shuk, I really am. Someone came by the store this night, looked at me and asked, Is today Day 10, Lala?” I looked at him and smiled and said “Eleven. It sucks that I knew.
So tonight I did it again. With a friend, I drank. I missed you so, but that wasn’t as bad as the guilt that lies within me. That I didn’t care if you would be with me or not, but I just wanted you to be home, back to your family. That if I swear I had to ever lose you in order to get you home, I’ll do it.
So on this night, I cracked. I cracked on this eleventh night. It might be the alcohol that made me crack, or the song that was played in the night. The tears just kept falling, and I didn’t want them to stop. I wanted the tears to fall till I could cry no more. But whatever it was, I guess it’s because I’m still in love with you.
Even when I’m asleep I couldn’t stop thinking of you. I dreamt that you suddenly called, and I asked what I wanted to ask you the most, “What happened that night?”
I guess that I still have to wait for that answer. So today, I still am waiting for you.
P.S: Sorry this post came late.

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