Day Twelve: The Compliments

This day I got a hungover from last night. My head hurts, yet it still had room to think of you.
One by one the guys came over tonight, giving me compliments that you wouldn’t normally say. And there I was, soaking all those words in even though there wasn’t a bit of happiness or interest to what they have to confess.
You were right, you had always loved me differently. You never had the right of way of saying things, but I understood you. That’s just how I like it. That’s just how I wanted to be loved. And no one can do it perfectly other than you do, which is why I find it so hard to believe that you would betray my trust like this.
As I swallow down the alcohol down my throat, I just wanted to see you see me. See what I’ve become. See what has happened since you were gone.
I guess that’s why I had started this blog. To tell you, that you are still part of me. You may never have the chance to read this, but that’s okay.
I’ll just find comfort in the fact that if one day someone manages to tell you about this blog, I hope you’ll be happy to know that I really love you.
P.S: You’ve been the best I’ve ever had.

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