Day Fourteen: The Way I Was

Today, I smiled a lot, even though it’s incomparible to the times I’ve had with you.
Till this very day, I still mention your name. But then, I realised that those were all in the past. You were my past. I did not think of the present, what more the future. Is there really any future anyways? Do we have that luck?
So tonight I didn’t feel alone. Even when I tried sitting alone on my own, there is always someone to talk to. It was a nice feeling for a change.
Someone with tattoos all over him came over to sit with me tonight, and even though we didn’t know each other, I want to thank him for not leaving me alone.
So tonight I didn’t cry, and I hope I won’t anymore. In other words, I’m recovering. It’s all about me now. I’m the girl who doesn’t fall in love, and I’m willing to stay that way again, if loving you causes this much pain. 🙂
So shuk, two weeks since you’ve been gone and I’m really going to be okay.
P.S: You were still my very best. 🙂

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