Day Sixteen: The Sister

On this day, your sister replied to my private message. I was kind of relieved to hear that she was going to visit you today, but it sucks to know that you will still be there until god knows when.
She asked if I was your girlfriend or if I had known her. I couldn’t even bring myself to answer that simple question. I couldn’t say ‘Yes’.
She asked if I wanted to meet you, I should say so. Guess what, I couldn’t say so.
In the evening she updated me like she promised to, and I knew she knew. I didn’t know what you said to her, but she knew who I was. She said: Can you give me your number? He wants to see you.”
I wondered how you were like when you said that you wanted to see me. You have not even seen your whole family yet, yet you asked to see me. I started feeling guilty because I didn’t want to see you. I wasn’t ready, but I couldn’t tell them that. I’m trying to get one of your friends to replace me for your next visit on the 27th.
But nevertheless, I’m happy with the fact that you still wanted to see me. I didn’t know why you wanted to see me so bad, but even if I don’t want to go, I’m going to be there for the truth.
So till then, I’m going to be contented with the fact that you still think of me.
See you soon dear. I really hope you’re well.

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