Day Seventeen: The Reply

Today your sister sent me messages again. She said you were in DRC for six months. She said you felt remorseful and was asking for me to come visit you. She asked me to give you support. Hmm. I did not what to write. What more see you face to face.
I spent the night pondering whether to write to you, because writing to you means that I’ll have to remember us. I’m getting better now. Today I wasn’t lonely. I didn’t even drink because I was down. Someone was surprised to know that I still have our picture as my wallpaper. I’ve tried it before. I’ve changed my wallpaper to MY wallpaper, before we got together. But it just didn’t seems right. It seems empty, I feel empty. So I changed it back to a picture of us, because I realised that I still want you in my life.
I promised your sister that I would write to you, but just know that I’m doing all this for your sister. Because what she wrote moved me to make me write to you. She said: “He really felt so remorseful and was asking for you to come and visit him. Do give him your support. I guess he needs his loved ones to help and support ,pick his life back to pieces.”
If she hadn’t said that, I guess I would have contemplate further about giving you a chance.
So shuk, if there’s anyone you want to thank now, it would be your sister. She loves you a lot.

P.S: I love you too.

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