Day Eighteen: The Letter

Today, I wrote you a letter, as promised. I didn’t know what to write, even though I had loads to say. I guess two full pages was sufficient, even though it’s hard to cramp seventeen days worth of stories into one single letter. Well, I guess that’s what this blog is for anyway.
It was nice writing to you, knowing that you’ll be able to read it and know what’s going on. I hope I’ll get your reply soon. But just so you know, I did it for your sister. My colleague helped me a lot about the letter. If not, I would have not given a second thought about writing it.
I’m doing fine now, back to my usual self. Once in a while, I do stare into space thinking of you, but that’s about it.
Tonight, someone asked me whether I was still with you. Somehow I wasn’t embarrassed to say yes. I was going to wait for you, no matter what they say.
So today I realised that this was my life, and in life there’s choices to be made. I really hope I’m not making the wrong choice. Please prove to me that I won’t be making the wrong choice. Because this would be the last time I’ll put faith in something.
But I guess it’s too early to say, because like someone said to me, there’s bound to be many challenges out there, many temptations that I should endure. Only after all these ends could I still say that I love you still.
But for now, I know that I love you still. Missing you baby.

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