Day Nineteen: The Stalker

I posted the letter to you today, but it was Sunday, so I guess you’ll get it in a few days time. I posted it straight after work so that I couldn’t change my mind or regret anything I wrote.
I came to work with your friends hanging outside, and how I wished you were there with them. If only I could turn back time, I would go back as far as the time when I first started talking to you. I do think this was all my fault. If I had stood by my stand and not risk it, at least I could still see you around.
Today I got pissed off at work, because of some customers who refused to listen. No one ever listens to me. One kept texting and calling, while the other refuse to leave.
At that point of time, I realised I really needed you the most. I needed you to be there for me, but I know it’s impossible. You can never be there for me. I’m on my own now, and I’m still having problems handling that issue.
I just needed a call from you, like that one time when some dudes hung around outside. But even that option was taken away from me.
I miss talking to you on the phone, because only you could make me laugh everytime. Now I don’t even look forward to my phone ringing, because I’m sure it isn’t you. I don’t even remember your numbers anymore, because it’s useless to me now.
So shuk, till the day my phone rings and it’s you on the line, I will be missing the sound of your voice.

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