Day TwentyOne: The Surprise Visitor

I sat outside before work today. One of your friends walked by and stopped to talk to me. He said he’s writing you a letter too. I tried convincing him to replace me for the next visit day, but he asked me to go first instead. It didn’t feel right, since I’ve known you for less than three months, and they, for years.
On this night, your friends hung out again outside. I sat with them for a little while but it felt so wrong. Whenever they see me, your name would be mentioned. But that’s about it, it’s just your name. I know they are trying to lighten up the atmosphere about you being gone, but it’s not right. It should have been you sitting there, not me.
Someone came by tonight. Me and my colleague were stunned, because he was the last person we had expected to see there. He dropped by to pick up his jacket, and went his way.
We talked for while, but we both know it was awkward. After all, he was the one who left you alone in the shit-hole. But we were okay, I was okay.
I’ve missed you. I wanted you here to put an end to all these. Because you don’t know what it’s like. You don’t know what I’m like. I’m capable of doing anything I want, and I’m afraid it may hurt you or us. I don’t have any trust left in me shuk. I can’t even trust myself nowadays.
If only you were here, I would be loving you still.

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