Day TwentyTwo: The Sign

This morning I went home from work. I forgot about the second letter that I wrote to you. Halfway to the train station, I realised I had forgotten my wallet and went back to take it back. As I was walking back to the train station, I suddenly remembered your letter, right in front of the letterbox.
I did not know why or how I could suddenly remember when I had forgotten about it for two days, but I guess it must be a sign somehow. That you are still on my mind, that I should really post that letter to you.
I have not written you a third letter, I guess I just want to wait till your letter arrives, if it does.
So tonight your friend came along, and I accompanied him all night till your other friend dropped by. He’s funny. Sometimes he makes me mad, and sometimes he makes me smile. But anyways, he’s still not you. As I sat beside him and smell his perfume, I realised that I miss your scent so much. I had forgotten how you smell like, the Bodyshop perfume you always use.
You know shuk, I found out that on the day it happened, we’ve managed to spend some time together at your place. I remembered that you wanted to send me to the train station, but I turned you down. I didn’t tell you the reason why I wanted to walk alone. I didn’t want to be too dependent on you. I wanted you to rest at home. Now that I think of it, I guess it was a sign that I had to learn to be independent and walk on my own. That that was going to be the last thing we did together. Who knew that it was going to be the last time you slept at home too.
By the time you’re out, I might be gone from there. I don’t even know if I’m going to pick you up when you’re out. But if I don’t, please do not think that I don’t want you anymore. It’s just that I’m going on with my life, but I still need you back.
So shuk, I’m loving you still.

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