Day TwentyEight: The Ex-Boyfriend

Today I accompanied my colleague to her old workplace. Apparently my ex boyfriend works there. I wonder what would he thinks of me after all these years. Then I realised I’ve changed a lot these past few years. But the only difference now was that I used to learn to be strong, yet now I’m so weak. Tonight I went to work as usual. Sat outside on my own as usual before work, but tonight seems different. Someone said it might be because I’ve met an old flame. Maybe she’s right. Meeting my ex boyfriend didn’t bring me old memories with him, but it made me remember that you are my ex boyfriend too.
Someone asked me how long has it been since that night. It’s almost going to be one month. I’ve never been so glad since you left to see him again. You left me almost a month ago. Then I realised that there’s twelve more days till your visit day, and I’m still contemplating on whether to go or not. I still have not post my letter to you.
So to you, I’m still your girlfriend, and I didn’t know how I was going to face you, to disappoint you when I’ve said that you were the best I’ve ever had.
Shuk, I hope you can stay strong. Stay strong to what you’re going to discover when you’re out in October. I’m sorry. But tonight, I can’t deny that you’re still on my mind. 😥

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