Day ThirtyOne: The Spanish Lullaby

Today was my off day. Slept through the whole day, maybe even wishing that it would take away the memories.
Someone sent me a sweet message that gave me strength even though that’s the most she could do. I can never thank her enough for that. She told me not to deny how I really feel. I don’t know what made her said it, but she must be right.
I found the song that reminds me of you. Remember the spanish song that you had in your phone. Hearing that song reminded me of us, sitting around and you let me hear that song. I remember you singing that song, and how cute it was.
I sat around alone again on my off day, drinking and hearing that song over and over again. That wasn’t a good decision, but I remember our happy moments at least. Remembered why I loved you in the first place. I remembered your words that you said on the staircase when I was feeling fucked up, after someone said to me that we wouldn’t last.
He was right, we didn’t, but those words you said to me made me thought we could. But then I remembered the other promise you made, the one that you lied about, and that made me doubt those words you ever said. I wonder if you remembered. Hmm. Goodnight shuk, don’t dwell in the past, because you’ll regret more for losing me.

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