Day ThirtyTwo: The Advices

Today I went out with my friend in the morning to go view my bike. I asked him out, and he was excited to pick me up. Then we hung out for a while around my workplace. I think your friends saw, but who are they to care?

But mama saw me, and I felt really embarrassed. I couldn’t even have the courage to ask about you. I wanted to ask how she was, but the words wouldn’t come out. I’m sorry shuk.

My friend texted me again while I was working the afternoon shift. It reads: I feel that you should be true to your own feelings. Don’t be too influenced by what people say about your relationship. If you love him, then love him. Don’t prove other people’s “rights”, when deep down, you know it’s not how you feel, not how you want to feel. About him lying, you don’t know the real story, so why not wait and hear his side of the story.

It’s amazing how someone who doesn’t even know you, had text me like this, whereas your friends couldn’t even see how bad of a condition I was. But that’s okay.

Tonight, another friend asked me to help him out. He came down and I met him. At least he had the tenancy to stay and hang out for a while. It was fun, shuk. For the first time, I wasn’t drinking while I hung out today. It was back like we used to do it, before I met you.

He spoke to me of you, that as a friend of seven years, he advised me to wait for you. Yet, at that moment, I was still deciding, contemplating whether I should. Maybe it takes time shuk.

So tonight I slept feeling satisfied. You know why? Because I’m surrounded with MY friends the whole day. Mine shuk, not yours anymore. And I like that thought to stay.

So come out soon and claim back your friends dear.


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