Day ThirtyThree: The New Faces

Today I woke up and found a message from someone you know. He said that we shouldn’t contact each other anymore for don’t know what god damn reason. Lesson learnt, don’t read messages right after waking up, because I couldn’t be bothered to entertain. After all, it’s been easy to walk out of my life, isn’t it shuk?
Today I worked like usual. No familiar faces around. Even your friend who sent me that text message wasn’t there. Ever heard of the malay saying, “When one leaves, ten more will come”? Haha, how true it is shuk.
Tonight there were so many unfamiliar faces who hung around outside. Guess who they were after?
Hmm, shuk, it’s not one or two. Three of them wanted my number. And I can’t call you up to help me out, like I did before.
So many picks, yet I chose you, but you couldn’t even appreciate that. How am I supposed to love you again?
I don’t want to praise myself shuk, but you had a great chance with me. I believe I had been a great girl to you, yet you are not willing to give up your so-called “past-time” addiction in order to keep me around.
Guess what shuk, I’m not going to linger around for someone who thinks that I’m not enough for him.
So don’t blame me shuk, blame those dudes out there who’s wanting to make me part of their life. For every dude that asked for my number since you were gone, it makes me thinks that I deserve better than this. It makes it easier each time to want to walk out from your life. I know that you’ve treated me good, you’ve always did. But I believe you’ve taken me for granted, and that I can never accept.
The more I tell myself to wait, the more I want to teach you a lesson. How is it to lose someone you’ve taken for granted all these while.
No worries, I’m still coming to visit you, but it’s purely because I need to know the story, for your friends, and for my dignity.

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