Day ThirtyFour: The Attitude

I had trouble sleeping on this day. I think I have insomnia, like you used to. Haha.
Today a reminder alert appeared on my phone : Shukri’s Visit
Hmm, it’s going to be in a week from this day, yet I’m still hoping that your sister would forget about me.
I know I should be writing a letter to you, to tell you how’s life, but I didn’t want to. I want you to see the change in me when you’re out. See how much you’ve missed about what’s going on in my life. See what I’ve become since you were gone. Everyday I’m becoming angrier and frustrated, especially towards men.
I had a fight with a friend on this night. He said not to contact him anymore, he had had enough of my fucked up attitude. I couldn’t be bothered anymore, even though I did cry when he texted me that.
You guys can get up and leave anytime you want. I don’t give a shit to make anyone feel special in my life anymore.
See, since you got in, I’ve lost three friends so far. But it’s okay, people come and go. I live alone.
P.S: Counting down the days till I’m finally out of Jurong. Leaving all those memories behind and starting a new beginning, and hopefully a new me.
I’m going to leave, with or without you. And it’s not going to matter who would be looking for me out there.

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