Day ThirtySeven: The Dilemma

This morning I received an email for a potential job offer. At first I was glad, because I’m leaving Jurong in a week’s time.
But then, the interview date was the same day as your visit day. Even though it’s earlier than the reporting time to visit you, I doubt I could make it on time. All I’m hoping for now is that your sister forgot about me.
Yes, I’m selfish. I’ll put my career above you anytime, because that’s my future. You are just a passing memory now.
I need the job more than I need you now. I hope you understand. But you know I’ll try, I’ll try to get there on time shuk. I’ll treat this as a sign. If I couldn’t make it on time to see you, then I’ll treat it as a sign that we won’t be able to make it together. Then maybe I shouldn’t be waiting for you any longer. But if it’s fate that we can be together, then you’ll probably get to see me on that day.
I wish I could write you a letter, but I doubt this message will be passed to you on time. But if you’re out and you’re reading this, at least you know and understand my dilemma shuk. You’ll know why I did what I did.
Hope you’ll stay strong. Pray hard dear.

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