Day ThirtyEight: The Tattoo

Today I went back to school to collect my cert. As I was walking to the train station, I remembered that the last time I was here, it was with you. Remember when you were sick, because you got it from me. Those were the days shuk. Those days when I promised I had your back. When you showed how much you cared, and how much I did too.
I tried to live my life, but somehow it was always about you. I drew your name on my wrist, and I really wished that it was a real tattoo. A tattoo of your name on my wrist. That’s how much I loved you, because I was willing to ink your name, with our memories along with it. So don’t be surprised if I have a tattoo of your name on my skin.
Today someone chatted with me on Facebook. He was going to DRC in a few days time. I told him to tell you that I said hey if he ever get to know you.
Another started talking to me again on Facebook, trying to be nice to me again after what he’s done to you. But I don’t forget shuk. He asked me why I sleep so late in the afternoon. My reply? Because I was used to hang on the phone till late afternoons after work. Even that was taken away from me, and I still can’t adjust my life back to before I met you. You’ve changed me, I told you so.
I slept through the day and night. When I woke up, I felt alone again. There were no texts from you. How I hated that fact. Being alone was okay, but feeling alone? That’s fucked up. You’ve fucked me up real bad. I changed my Facebook to a picture of us once more. Because today I’m not going to deny that I still love you, or that you’ll still be my boyfriend still when you get out. But just one thing that wouldn’t change, that I’m moving on with my life, and it’s up for you to find me.
I miss you badly. 😦

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