Day Fourty: The Anxienty

Today was Sunday. Things went fine, but there was something different.
Your sister texted me as I was leaving for work. It’s about your visit day. She remembered after all. And somehow I just couldn’t say no. Told you I would try, wouldn’t I?
Because of this, I had so many things on my mind. Trying to get myself prepared for the interview, and mentally prepared to see you.
Someone texted me, and I told him I was visiting you the next day. He asked if I was excited. Haha. No, I wasn’t. I was more nervous, I didn’t know what to expect.
He tried to lighten me up by making up scenarios of us together. It was hilarious, but I guess it made me more panicked than before.
I’m afraid to cry in front of you, in front of mama and your sister.  I don’t want to cry. I don’t want you to cry either, but I’m sure you won’t.
For you I will stay strong. For me I’ll be stronger. See you soon.

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