Day FourtyOne: The Visit

Today is the day. Your visit day. Met your mum and sister after my first interview. It was awkward. God you don’t know the migraine I had throughout the day. But the things I’ll still do for you. You’re a lucky idiot.
Meeting you was, well, I was speechless. Really, I didn’t know how to react. I could see how hard you tried to make us smile. Which is why I couldn’t cry. I got to let you know that I’ve moved on, so I didn’t cry.
I’m proud of you. No matter what, I’m still very proud of you, because of how strong you were back there.
Yes, I was disappointed with some things you said, but I’m trying my best not to be bothered with such trivial stuff anymore.
Your sister told me that you needed support while you’re in there. That if I was to leave you, I should wait till you’re out.
My colleague said the same thing. That it’s up to me to make a decision about us. I hold the strings in our relationship now.
Someone texted me, asked me about you. They didn’t know my decision shuk.
That when you asked me to wait for you, I just remembered my promise to you. That I’ll never break up with you. You need me, more than I need you. That’s why I made my decision to wait, right there and then. I’m not going to deny my feelings anymore.
So I’m going to write you another letter shuk, the third letter. And I’ll write regularly to you, because you know why?
I love you still.

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