Day FourtyTwo: The Cutting Boys

I’ve got to get out of Jurong shuk.
Tonight was, well, bikers’ night at work I guess.
Today I went to work with a friend. We kind of have something to discuss.
At night there were loads of riders at the staircase. Haha. I guess I kind of brought them together. Somehow they won’t leave.
Someone texted me, and I didn’t know who it was. Well, apparently he came in just a few minutes ago before the text came in. My number has spreaded. Time to change my number shuk.
He wanted to give me a ride home after work, but I didn’t want to.
The riders called me out, so I sat with the new faces for a while. Then the other biker group called me. You know what’s funny? Both groups thought I was friends with the other group. Seriously, I totally didn’t know them like how I know the regular guys outside, like you and your friends.
It’s funny how guys with bikes think that I cared about their bikes.
Well shuk, I don’t mind that you don’t have one at all. Actually, I’m kind of glad that you don’t. You’re not like the rest of them, so please don’t be one of them.
Even though it’s fun to hang around them, I missed hanging out with you.
Wait till you’re out shuk, and I’ll try my best to be with you to make up for all lost times. 🙂
Love you dear, you’re still the best I’ve ever had.

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