Day FourtyFour: The Third Month

Hey dear. I really miss you. I know it’s funny to hear people sayI can’t survive without you”, but somehow it helps when you say it. Looking at the time strikes midnight, I can’t help remembering that it’s already July. Our third month together, and we’ve only managed to spend time together on our first month. Hmm. That’s sad. But that’s alright, because I have to be strong. You’re facing walls, but I’m facing the world.
I still have not found a job, and I’m really starting to get worried. I wish I could talk to you, maybe even need a hug, but that’s not possible. You’re the only one who could give me a proper hug.
Your friends have not hang around for quite some time, but I’m all cool about it. I can leave Jurong quietly now.
Once you’re out, maybe I’ll start going back there regularly, since you’ll be on probation and hang around outside your house. Haha.
Even though I’m scared and helpless right now, I’ll do anything to survive dear. I’ll promise that I’ll do well for you; for me – for us.
Love you loads. Wish me well dear. I need all the luck I can get.

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