Day FourtyFive: The Last Day

Today was my last day at work. Maybe I would work on weekends, maybe I won’t. But I’m definitely done with Jurong.
I accept the fact that I won’t see you walk through those doors whilst I’m standing behind the counter.
But I will still remember the first time we set eyes on each other, that first look that I wish I could keep on replay. It was the perfect moment; you looked perfect.
I will still remember the hatred I had towards you the second time I noticed you, and weeks after that.
I will still remember all those memories. All of them were perfect memories to me. You were definitely something special since the beginning. It just took me a few months to realise that. And I’m glad I made the decision to talk to you.
I just didn’t expect that you would be interested in me too. That was the icing on the cake.
That day you asked for my number, the day I asked you to hang out before my shift started, that message you sent after that, saying that you had started to like me more and asked me to be your girl.
I couldn’t ask for anything better. I don’t believe in true love or everlasting love, but you’re definitely the one that is worth my time always.
For you, I’ll always keep those memories till the day we part.
P.S: That means I will love you always.

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