Day FourtyNine: The Quietness

Today I did nothing at all. I got home and I slept. I woke up and I slept again.
I miss you, I want you back. If you had not leave, all these wouldn’t have happened.
Maybe you’re to blame, maybe I am. Even I am doubting myself, whether I really love you.
Whether I was willing to let you leave, or whether I was going to fight to make us work.
Baby, I hope you’ll be okay.
I know I’m not a nice girl, never said I was, and I feel that I’m losing myself to how I was before. The only difference now is that I have you to think about rather than just think about myself.
You know shuk, I really tried to change. Since I met you, never went back on my ways. Didn’t want to hurt another boyfriend. Never wanted to make you mad. Never wanted to make you sad since that night in Teck Whye, when you gave me that look.
I believed in love for the first time. But others don’t. They don’t respect me and my love for you.
So if there’s anyone to be blame if I can’t believe in love anymore, blame those guys you call friends, those guys in your fucking neighbourhood, who doesn’t have the basic respect for girls in relationships.
Yeah, they destroyed me. I’m sorry.

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