Day Fifty: The Fiftieth

Fifty days you’ve been in there. Ten days since I last saw you.
Another fifty days like this and it’s going to be a hundred days.
Fifty days; a lot of things have happened in just fifty days. Do you know that? I’ve made so many mistakes in just fifty days. And there’s more than a hundred days left to look forward to.
I received a call last night. I got called up for a second interview. I really want this job shuk. I know you don’t know anything about it now, I’ve been keeping a lot of things from you. But I guess I just want to show you how my life has changed since you left. To let myself know that I don’t have to depend on you.
But it’s kind of sad, you know, when we tried so hard to go on dates during my off days, yet now when I’m free, you’re stuck inside there.
And if I ever land this job, I really hope I will have some time for myself and for you.
I know I have not been sending letters, but I have nothing much to say to you. Every letter is getting shorter and shorter.
I’m struggling to post in the blog every day even.
But I just want you to know, I love you, and I want you back right now.
I’m starting to blame you again, that if you have not left, I wouldn’t have made so many mistakes. I’m sorry shuk, I’m just selfish not to take the blame right now.

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