Day FiftyOne: The Problems

Tonight went to meet someone just to hang out. I had a fought with mother. She kept on harping on the things that I’m having problems with: bike, work, and marriages.
All the problems that I’ve never shared with her.
Why I never told her about SnooPy. Why I had to leave my job in July. Why I’m behaving the way I am.
And she thinks I’m lying and lying again.
It hurts, when you can’t depend on your parents to listen, to see that they do care. This is really bad parenting.
They didn’t know I was on the verge of breakdown point thinking about this tonight.
And then I wonder, what if, amidst all these problems, I forgot about you. Yes, I could afford to forget about you for another four months or so, but it’s the thought of forgetting that scares me. How do you forget someone, then just pick him up where you last drop off?
Oh fuck, well, once again. These are my problems, so I’ll settle them on my own. You just sit still and do your own thing ok?
Good boy, I love you.

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