Day FiftyTwo: The Bikers Gathering

Today I went to collect SnooPy. My bike, it’s just as problematic as you. Small problems but big issues.
I was alone when I went to fetch my baby, so I had some time to think about you. I remembered how we were before and after being in love. Somehow the memories always brought me tears.
Then it got me thinking, what it would be like if that night never happened? Would we still be as happy as before, or have we gotten used to each other, that it’s gotten quite boring? Would we have something to say? When nowadays I don’t even know what to say on a piece of paper.
After that I went to meet some friends in Jurong, then we hang around. Seven bikes in total. It was not as fun as being around with you, but it was cool, definitely.
Three of us left early to my place, because my bike is still illegal. Over at the park, someone asked me, whether I miss you. I jokingly asked him to shut up, because I didn’t want to think about it. Yes shuk, I didn’t want to think about you. Deep inside, I know I miss you, but trying to acknowledge it is a different feeling.
But whatever it is, I still hope that you’re okay.

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