Day FiftyFour: The “Escort”

Today I went to meet a friend, so that he could bring me to the inspection centre to inspect SnooPy. I’m tired of riding it illegally without road tax.
After that I went to Toh Guan with him. Like I said, SnooPy was as problematic as you. Haha.
Then one by one his friends came and met us there. SnooPy with three RXZs. Then met up with a 125Z, but not before being screened by police officers.
Then at night another RXZ came along under the void deck where we were hanging out.
It was a mess, but it was cool to see. Hey baby, I think that if you were still here, I wouldn’t be part of all these.
But you should know that I’m willing to sacrifice some of these just to spend time with you. I love you still.

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