Day FiftyFive: The Patient Girl

Hey shuk. Tonight I went to Jurong again. Guess what? SnooPy couldn’t be started again. Like really? What did I do wrong to deserve this kind of treatment? Am I really such a failure in whatever I do?
But it’s okay. I’m keeping my cool, because I’m not giving in to God. To me, God is like the Devil right now, tempting me to throw tantrums and violence.
I’m not going to do it.
So someone had to send me back home again. We talked about my life, my past, my present. It’s funny, that someone should have been you.
I should have went to Jurong to meet you, not him.
All these is wrong, but now it just seems right.
Life gives you loads of bullshit shuk, it’s just how we choose whether we want that bullshit to continue or not. Whether it’s worth it that much pain.

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