Day FiftySeven: The Movie

Today I went to watch a movie with my family.
As I was sitting there, I remembered that my last movie was watching it with you.
My last trip to Haji Lane was with you.
There are some things I did for the last time with you, but it won’t be for long.
And that’s a sign for moving on isn’t it.
Overall, the movie was a blast. I don’t know if you’re a Harry Potter fan or a Twilight fan. Since, of course, we didn’t have much time together to know all these small details. But I’ve got this feeling you’re neither. Haha.
Oh well, that I would never know. Or maybe I should ask you in the letter. Afterall, I’ve always been random in my letters. Because I’m trying so hard to make you laugh while reading those letters, so that it would really cheer you up. But now it’s getting harder each time, which was why I stopped writing letters to you for now.
But I will send you another letter, but I just don’t know when. So if you’ll just wait, wait like how I’ve waited.

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