Day FiftyNine: The Emptiness

Today I spent most of my time on my own, doing things on my own. Somehow I felt so empty all of a sudden. I deactivated my Facebook account. I didn’t know why I did that. I think I just want to be alone. I didn’t want to know about the world.

Maybe one day I’ll reactivate it back again, but for now I see no point in doing that. I can’t wait to change my number. I’ll have to wait till the contract ends.I know it sounds as if I’m running away from you, again. But no, I’m not. I’ll always be there for you. Deep in your heart, you know it.

But for now, something has changed inside me. It’s the same empty feeling when I was single, and had loved someone who didn’t love me back. But now it hurts more, because I’m not single, and loving someone who couldn’t show his love back. Hmm, like whatever, you know. I couldn’t be bothered anymore.

Take care shuk, I’ll write to you soon enough.

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