Day SixtyOne: The Untitled

So, it’s been two months huh? One third of your sentence is done.

Many things have happened in two months. About four more months to go. I don’t know why, but I can’t help thinking that I should write you a letter. It’s like I feel that you’re waiting for my letter to arrive anytime now. Well, I’m sorry to disappoint, but I have not written any letter for weeks now.

I feel like telling you about SnooPy in my letter. I’ll think about it first. But I still have not received your letter. It’s been two months, yet there’s not a single letter. What the hell is the prison warden doing in there?? You know, I feel really guilty, because I swear at you a lot in my previous letters. I’m so not doing that again.*guilty*

I don’t remember how long we’ve been together so far. I could count back the months, but I can’t be bothered. Besides, does it even count as part of the relationship? I love you, really, but all these just doesn’t make sense. We’ve known each other for like, three days? Then we got into a relationship for one and a half months, before this happened.

Haha. Still remembered the first day we were together, and you sent me to work. You gave me a kiss on the cheek and you said you loved me. I was lost, because that’s not possible. And I’ve tried, to make things work. I sent you a text before, saying that I will love you still. At that point of time, I didn’t know if I was serious or just trying to be a better girlfriend, because God knows I will never send such stuff to anyone.

But it must have worked, because you love me. Haha. You love me too much that you told your sister, in front of mama, that you were serious about me, a girl you met less than two months ago. I never thought it will get to this. Even though I love you more than any other guys I knew, the word “serious” never went through my mind. After all, how serious were we when we were busy making each other laugh and swearing at one another.

Haiz, sweet memories huh. Guess what, those memories could last me a lifetime. Love you. 🙂

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