Day SixtyTwo: The Accident

Today I went to pick up SnooPy from Toh Guan. And I ended up having an accident. Nothing serious, just some scratches and some bleeding. I didn’t know who to turn to. So I called someone who I thought will be there for me at this moment. There goes my riding days for now.
Mama was pissed, she kept on talking about how I nearly lost my life. That I’m selfish and thoughtless of others, meaning my family.
I was guilty that I wanted to tell you. I even wrote a letter confessing about my riding days, but I didn’t know if I was really going to send you that letter.
At night when I couldn’t sleep, I went down to 7-11. Someone accompanied me on the phone.
Then apparently when I was on my way back, some sick pervert tried to make me see him do stuff. It was ridiculous and scary, but somehow I’m glad I was on the phone with someone, so I was less freaked out. Haha, you know what’s funny? That I just told my friend on my phone to chill, that no one is going to hit on a girl covered with plasters and bandages. And that had to happen to me.
So overall, I’m just saying I had an accident, but I’m fine. Forget about the pervert I saw. Peace out! I love you. 😛

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