Day SixtyFour: The Letter From Prison

Today I went to visit the polyclinic. So that some professionals can take a look at my wounds. Haha.

I’ve been there for a few hours already, taking X-Rays and all. I didn’t know what’s the big fuss that they have to ask about how I obtained all these injuries. Luckily they were just superficial wounds.

But my right arm still hurt a hell lot. It was red, and kind of raw. So it hurts more when it’s left open. I flinched and hold my tears and screams as the nurse tried to clean my wounds. And all the while the nurses and Mama were laughing and cracking jokes. Mama took pictures and videos of me being in pain, because the nurse thought it would be fun to do to remind me of the pain. But I think Mama did it just to show my aunts.

Funny that Mama said I’m worse than any of my brothers. Because I tried to be a boy. Guess it worked after all.

After that I had to go to Kranji to settle the accident with the company whose lorry I hit. Then Mama made me eat some painkillers the doctor gave.

I opened the letterbox today. And something really made my day. Your letter came through today. At first I thought it was a leaflet and was about to throw it away, until I saw the word Changi Prison. I was super happy to receive your letter. After two whole months, I’ve finally received your letter. In that letter you wrote in proper Malay. That made me laugh. Because I’ve never expected your Malay to be a lot better than your English, which made me doubt if you were really the one who wrote that letter or an officer had to do it for you.

So I tried to write you a letter back, but I guess the painkillers work wonder, because I was knocked out two hours letter till the next morning.

Thank you love, for that letter. It really made my day after all these days, especially after the accident. 🙂

Love you still too.

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