Day SixtySeven: The Boyfriend Talk

I posted on Facebook today, asking if I have more than ten likes, I will consider going back to school next year. Yeah, so I guess I should honour that promise right. But I wonder where to go, which course do I really want, would my parents agree. Wouldn’t it be fun if we continue schooling together? Haha. Fat chance I guess. You will never want to go back to school.
I chatted with my best friend online. We talked about our boyfriends. And suddenly talked about weddings and proposals. Haha. How we both wanted our weddings to be simple. Actually, we didn’t even want a wedding.
Then we talked about what if I’m getting married to you. I said that I can imagine us being married, but I can’t imagine us in the wedding. It’s going to be funny. And I’m sure our parents will make a big deal out of it, since we are both the last child in the family; you being the only boy and I’m being the only girl.
But I know that if I do get married one day, I’ll disappear during my first night to go club and party somewhere, most probably without my husband. Haha.
But first, I have to learn to cook! And settle down financially. I think that’s the most important.
Nowadays I’ve talked about you without being sad at all. As if everything is alright with life. And I guess it is. Maybe because I know you’re worth it. But something is stopping me from fully believing that you won’t go back on your promise, that you’ll stay clean when you’re out.
Cross fingers, I hope you can prove yourself to us. Love you still.

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