Day SixtyEight: The Glory Times

Today I went to the Polyclinic again, but on my own. Well, the nurses seem to find me amusing, because they were so happy when I walked in. Haha.

Then I went home, bored as usual. These days, I never would have think of meeting you like I used to. Remember that I was the one who asked you to hang out? I’ve always risked it for you. Like,making you smile, creating a conversation with you, although I’m sure that I wasn’t directly talking to you the first time you talked to me. Then I went on to making bigger risks, like giving you my number, and allowing you to call me, plus the fact that I picked it up and made an effort to be my usual loony self when I talked to you. Then I asked you to hang out with me for a while. All these I would never do for someone else.

My best friend called me up. She’s going through some troubles, and I told her that I’ll be there for her, anytime, any day. I couldn’t be there for you, so maybe I should try to be there for someone else. And I did. I met her boyfriend too. She loves him a lot, and I’m actually happy for her, because they remind me of us. Except that we are not that petty and we curse a lot more. But they are still working out their commitment issues, just like us after our first week together. Haha.

Then after that I went home and met up with my friend, because he was on his way to Teh Tarik. I wanted to go there to go meet Mama, to read your letter. But I guess she’s an early sleeper. So I wasted my time at the store, and some people I knew just went up and talked to me.

Then it was finally time to leave, and I didn’t know when I’ll be back again. After reminiscing my past in Jurong, I went to reminisce my past in Choa Chu Kang. The home of my glory days. Even though I love my hometown more than yours, I will still love you, no matter where you were from, be in Jurong or Prison. 🙂

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