Day Seventy: The Treat

Hey baby. Sorry for the late post. Have been slacking a lot lately.

Today I went to NUH, met my mum there. Don’t worry, no one is getting admitted there. I was supposed to meet her and after that go to Marina Bay to collect my National Day Funpack.

But you know, one thing about my mum. Her plans mostly fall through. So we went to have lunch. Even that, was a big disappointment. I totally enjoy being disappointed Shuk. Everytime.

Hmm, at least I got ice cream to make up for it. There’s Baskin Robbins in Singapore. I should totally bring you there one day. I still remember we planned to go for ice cream, but never made it.

That’s just how it is. We plan, but our plans never go our way. Wait, things never go MY way. I’m a complete born loser.

Sometimes I just can’t help thinking, what if I had died during the accident. Would I feel unaccomplished, or would I had felt relieved, because of how lousy I feel about myself?

I know, you’ll think I’m being stupid and nonsensical, but hey, that’s a fact I just can’t ran away from.

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