Day SeventyThree: The Irritating Day

Today Mama woke me up to go to Marina Bay to collect the funpack that I won. It was about ten in the morning when she woke me up.

One thing about Mama that pisses me off is that she always manage to irritate the hell out of you. So I went about the afternoon trying not to get pissed by her. If only you were here, I would probably be texting you that very minute to get rid of my frustrations.

But there were some things that perked me up during that time, but all those things I could not have afford in this current situation. Why is money so important? Maybe it’s even more important than love. For one thing, I’m sure of holding off marriage till I’m financially stable.

After that I’m just back to my own, isolated self, being in my room, planning a trip to Phuket or Krabi in about two years time.

And thinking about the fasting month coming soon, and what I should start doing when it arrives. Since we are not together, I guess we won’t have a problem with temptation issues right? Haha.

I miss you bro, but I’m doing fairly okay on my own right now. Just need more luck. 😦

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