Day SeventyFour: The Next Letter

Today I spent the day writing a letter to you. Thought you might receive it while fasting, since it’s Sunday, so I wrote it as if it was already the fasting month. Then I posted it that same day, to get to you as soon as possible. It was my last stamp by the way. I forgot to write that down in the letter. Haha.

I’ve been at home for quite a number of nights nowadays, even though I only sleep after three. Tomorrow is the fasting month already. So I started to wonder how would you do in there. It suck wondering, yet couldn’t get any answers from you. But I’m sure you’ll talk about it during Mama’s televisits with you.

I love writing letters to you. It cracks me up trying to write in formal Malay. Haha. You have no idea, how many drafts I wrote for every single letter I sent you. I think I’ve wasted more paper trying to write to you, than actually trying to write an essay for General Paper back in school. And did you know, I hated letter writing? Since secondary school days, you know, for O Levels?

Once you’re out, you are so getting it from me. 🙂

But no matter what, I will love you still.


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