Day SeventyFive: The Fasting Month

Finally, August is here. Three months to go I guess. I’m not sure whether I should be happy or start panicking about it. Guess I’m just nervous about it, since I got used to not being a social butterfly anymore.

I’ve been hooked on some Malay songs currently, and they are both break up songs. There’s no meaning to it, but you know Malay songs. The best songs are all about break ups or unrequited love. And Malay break up songs are always better than their love songs.

Haiz. The Ramadhan season makes me think of you more. What are you eating for this month, what are you doing. You know, the basic questions that every other couple out there ask everyday. It’s just that, they have the luxury of finding out the answers, while I can only wonder what’s going on.

Oh well, why am I complaining. It’s not as if I have not gotten used to this.

Miss you bro. Take care. Stay strong, for I know Ramadhan is a very emotional month.




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