Day SeventyEight: The Job

I am pleased to inform you that you have been selected for appointment on the Home Affairs Services – ICA Specialist Scheme. You will be appointed with effect from 15 Aug 2011 at the substantive grade of Sergeant.

This is the introduction to my new life, my future, my hopes and dreams. True, it’s not my dream job. Someone else I know is getting it, but this will be me from now on. But the letter came today, and it just helped me decide my future.

I met up with an old friend/enemy, after he added me on Facebook. We went out to catch a movie. So, in other honest words, we went out on a movie date. After that we just hang out to catch up on our secondary school lives, and our new lives since then. I don’t know why I’m so brutally honest, but facts are facts. Facts are, you did some things I wasn’t proud of, and you may not be proud of what I’ve done so far. So I guess this is it then.

A new chapter, a new book. But for now it’s still the same story, never ending. I’m not going to wait for you to start a new book with you. But when you’re out, you will be a new chapter in my new book.

Love you too much to let you go. 🙂

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