Day SeventyNine: The Agreement

Today I had to report to some building at Tanjong Pagar. You know, for the job offer.

The beginning is starting for me Shuk. Somehow I can’t help but feel a ping of regret about not going back to school next year. I don’t know why. But when an opportunity comes like this, it just can’t be missed.

I can’t wait for you to start a new book. My book is starting, and it’s not going to wait for you. Instead, when you’re out, you’re going to to be a new chapter in my life. Because I know, your chapter would never end. You still will be with your group of friends. And I’m not going to be part of that anymore.

I went to meet my friend today, to break fast together. It’s fun. Talking about stuff that doesn’t really mean anything, but says a lot.

These few days all I’ve been doing is catching up with my old schools’ mates, talking about the past and the present. But all I have with you is a past, a blurry present, and only thinking about the future with nothing much to hold on to. Except the love we had and the promise we made. 🙂

Life just gets better I guess.

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