Day Eighty: The Future Thinking

Today I slept soundly, maybe because I was too tired, and my body need to recharge. After all, I can’t sleep until it’s almost sunrise. So I spent my Saturday at home, because I didn’t have any plans.

There’s so many things I could say, just that when I try to put it in proper words, I just fumble a lot. Like, I still couldn’t bring myself to tell you about the job acceptance with ICA, because I don’t want to talk about stuff that I myself am not sure about.

As the day is drawing nearer, I just want you with me . Yet all I can think of is the future with you. If, there is a future. I know me and my best friend have been talking a lot about how we are going to be like in the future, few years down the road. And I hope we can make it through.

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