Day EightyOne: The Fever

Tonight I had a fever. As usual, I didn’t realize it until my best friend was talking to me on the phone and at the end of the conversation, said that I should sleep early because I sounded as if I was falling sick.

So I had a fever twice this year, which is something new to me. I still remember the time when I got sick during work back in April I think. You were trying hard to convince me that I was sick, and it was real bad.

Then I came over to your house after work, and you gave me some flu pills and made a bed for me to rest. I didn’t want to, but in the end I fell asleep while hugging your favorite pillow. I denied it, but you, being the cute ass you are, showed me the pictures you took while I was asleep. I only remembered waking up with you sitting next to me, looking at me sleeping and drawing quietly. Haha, I miss that look of yours so much.

I finished like three bottles of cough syrup, yet my cough was nowhere near recovered. You were trying hard to get me to go to the doctor, but in the end you fell sick too. Then you came to the store wearing your Mickey Mouse sweater and I couldn’t stop laughing for ten minutes. You were so cute back then.

That time, I had you to ask me to take medicine and accompany me when I felt sick. But now, you’re not even here.

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